Lake Ronkonkoma Hub
Study Area

The Ronkonkoma Hub study area shown reflects the recommendations of the Town of Brookhaven, provided on January 30, 2012.


Affiliated Brookhaven
Civic Organization Meeting
Date: 7:30 PM, May 21, 2012
Longwood Public Library
800 Middle County Road,
Middle Island, New York

Feasibility Study Documents

The Suffolk County Sewer District / Wastewater Treatment Task Force identified Lake Ronkonkoma Hub as a critical need area due to environmental, economic or housing issues. The Task Force provided the following draft information to guide the development of the Feasibility Study:

"The proposed service area is consistent with the Town of Brookhaven’s Transit Oriented Land Use and Implementation Plan Study. It encompasses approximately 330 acres that is generally defined by the Long Island MacArthur Airport to the south, the LIE Express Drive South to the north, Bay Avenue to the west, and Babcock Avenue to the east. Due to the location in the vicinity of the airport, at grade or underground facilities would be easily sited and is assumed that would be available at cost, though two towns are involved. The study area includes a mix of residential, retail, industrial, and commercial uses within a mix of zoning districts. It is likely that the sewer system would be jacked under the Long Island Railroad going to a wastewater treatment facility on the airport site."

An RFP issued by the Town of Brookhaven requires coordination with this capital project.