Sayville Study Area

The Sayville study area shown reflects the recommendations of the Town of Islip Department of Planning and Development, provided on August 2, 2011.

Meeting Minutes

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Feasibility Study Documents

The Suffolk County Sewer District / Wastewater Treatment Task Force identified Sayville as a critical need area due to environmental, economic or housing issues. The Task Force provided the following draft information to guide the development of the Feasibility Study:

"Discussions have been held with the Village of Patchogue with respect to extending the wastewater treatment facility for the Village and extending sewers to the west into Sayville.The service area that would be proposed would be from Hiddink Street going west along Montauk Highway until Sunset Drive. The service area would also proceed north 0.3 miles on Railroad Avenue.

The total length is, therefore, approximately 1.3 miles long and would require a pumping station to convey sewage from the westerly portion of Sayville across Lotus Lake with the improvement and expansion of both the main pumping station in Patchogue and the wastewater treatment facility. The estimated flow for the area is 0.5 million gallons per day. Two remote pump stations and one main station would be necessary along with 3 miles of force main."