Southampton Study Area

Southampton Village Study Area

The Southampton Village study area shown reflects the recommendations of the Southampton Village Planning Commission that were provided on June 9, 2011 and January 30, 2012.

The Suffolk County Sewer District / Wastewater Treatment Task Force identified the Village of Southampton as a critical need area due to environmental, economic or housing issues. The Task Force provided the following draft information to guide the development of the Feasibility Study:

As part of the Suffolk County Sewer Capacity Task Force meeting, the Village representatives of Southampton described their future plans. Under consideration is an expansion of the Southampton Hospital Wastewater Treatment Plant to incorporate the capacity necessary to treat sewage from the main street area in Southampton.

Currently, only 30,000 gallons per day (gpd) of the plant’s 105,000 gpd is utilized. Ultimate flows would approach 400,000 gpd. The basis information, therefore, involves a capacity of approximately 280,000 gpd to be added to the existing facility as well as adequate disposal of the treated effluent. The sewering of the main street area, which is approximately ½ mile, would also require a pumping station leading to the treatment plant.