Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Suffolk County Sewer District/Wastewater Treatment Task Force?

The Suffolk County Sewer District/Wastewater Treatment Task Force was established by the Suffolk County Legislature in 2008.  The goals of the Task Force were to:

  • Examine Suffolk’s existing wastewater treatment facilities;
  • Educate the public as to the environmental and economic benefits of wastewater treatment facilities; and
  • Seek out public and private sources of funds to expand Suffolk County’s wastewater treatment facilities to suitable areas in the County.

The Task Force was chaired by Legislator Wayne Horsley.  Task force members were Gil Anderson, John Cameron, William Duffy, Lutricia “Pat” Edwards, Adrienne Esposito, Patrick Foye, Marc Herbst, Michael Locorriere, Honorable C. Marcellino, Jim Morgo, Desmond Ryan, Peter Scully, Honorable R. Sweeney and Michael White.


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